You will become rich and famous unless you don’t.

Ei mäletagi, millal viimati midagi inglise keeles kirjutasin… Aga parandused on teretulnud 😉
There’s a girl. She’s a good girl, always having good intentions, never wanting bad to ohters. She’s got good friends and they know her as a calm, joyful and caring person. But she’s got a problem too. She always makes mistakes. Whatever she starts, ends up with bigger or smaller flaw in it. It’s almost like a curse, but it’s not because of her bad luck, but only because of herself. There are two possibilities – she does not understand the real meaning at all, or she misunderstands. And this of course affects her conduct – thinking, acting, communicating… When talking to somebody she never gets away without misunderstandings. There’s always something that she just missed or didn’t understand or caught wrong or didn’t notice. Though usually it does not come out because of the lack of importance.

But that doesn’t mean she always fails. Oh no, she is sometimes almost perfect. But that’s mainly because of her luck. She’s a really lucky girl, that’s why it’s wrong to say she’s cursed. Some of her friends envy her luck, but most of them think she’s a clever – well ok not clever but normal – girl, but they don’t know her so well. Close people care about her alot and never let her fall. She has got possibilities to do what she likes to. She is healthy, she has never been seriously ill or injured. She knows well her likes and dislikes. She has got her own dreams, she dreams a lot. But she has no idea how to achieve her ambitions in real life. She’s got only some vague hazy idea how it should be and how it should not. Sometimes she just looks at the people and detects who are pointless and who nearly perfect. No, she doesn’t mean some people are pointless, but she just doesn’t like some people, just their way of thinking and their attitude. She looks at the nearly perfect people, she wishes to be like them and by them.

Well she’s a good, quiet and lucky girl, who has a tendency to misunderstand and to do things wrong. She doesn’t know what the trouble is – she has never been into any. She’s afraid of trouble, but what can she do? Against her absence of mind…

But once it was a serious thing that she misunderstood. She acted wrong but didn’t tell anybody (because it didn’t even come to her mind that it was wrong).
Somebody got killed. 

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